We've been in business since 1978!

Our owners have been on both sides of the table.

They worked for a staffing firm and ran one, so we know just how to help you.

Our Mission

Supplemental Staffing's mission is to be a part of our employee's future by providing a place to Learn, Grow, and Prosper

Our Vision

Our main goal of the company is to help find you work that is both enjoyable and will help advance your career.

Learn about the benefits of choosing us!

Hear about all the benefits of using Supplemental Staffing from our very own vice president of operations!

What jobs do we see the most?

Looking for the best, to do their best.

Skilled Trades

CNC Machinist

Mechanical & Electrical Assembler

Panel Builder


Quality Control



Machine Operator



CDL Drivers (Class A & B)

General Labor



Production Line






Industrial Sewer

Office Skills

Administrative Assistant

HR Generalist

Office Manager


Customer Service


Call Center

Information Technology


Office Manager


Jobs received




employees helped


current employees

We offer a wide range of benefits

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Referral Bonus

We are always looking for great talent!

Do you have friends or family members looking to better their work situation? Send them our way and both of you could earn money through our referral program! Referring great candidates to Supplemental Staffing is beneficial to all involved. The referred candidate must complete the introductory period for you to receive the bonus. 


  • Referred employee must complete referral form prior to starting employment.
  • Both employees must work 120 hours minimum to qualify.
  • Current employee must have had a paycheck within 13 weeks of Referred employee completing 120 hours.
  • Current employee must be working, hired in, or available and in good standing with Supplemental Staffing.
  • Referral bonuses are processed once a month on the first full week of the month. An email will be sent to all employees that qualify. A response email from the employee is required to ensure we have their correct email address. Once Supplemental Staffing receives a response email, a Giftogram will be emailed. Once an email is sent, we cannot resend it under any circumstance, as we can not recover the funds from the vendor.
  • Candidates already in our system are not eligible for referral bonus.

We offer pay outs to committed employees offsetting vacation and holiday hours!

We understand it’s hard to take time off when you’re trying to impress. This is why we reward those committed employees with something extra! 

  • You’ve worked hard and dedicated your time to succeed! For this we compensate you in the form of a 30-hour bonus check after a set number of hours have been completed. 
Vacation Pay Outs
Employee Recognition

For those who go beyond good-work, we reward you!

We are honored to reward those employees that go above and beyond what their job description says. This means that when you do something great, you will get great things in return. 

  • Have you ever felt underappreciated at work? We hope to never let that happen.
  • The things you do to help the company and your coworkers truly make a difference. We want you to understand that and be rewarded because of it.

After Hours Support

Our after-hours service is available to you when we aren’t. You get the assistance you need no matter when you call. Day or night, we can receive your basic questions and provide you with the needed information that you are seeking. 

  • Are you only able to make a call after normal business hours?
  • Have an emergency that you need fixed ASAP?
  • Reach us 24/7
24 hour answering
Direct Deposit

Cashing a check can be a hassle, but direct deposit allows you to get paid quick and easy.

Never having to go to the bank is beyond nice. We know you have a busy life and we want to help make your life that much simpler.

  • We send your check directly into your bank account.
  • Getting paid using direct deposit means that you are getting paid quicker avoiding any mail delivery delays!

We offer healthcare options to our employees which are ACA compliant.

ACA-compliant coverage refers to a major medical health insurance policy that conforms to the regulations set forth in the Affordable Care Act.

  • We offer healthcare options that are affordable and easy to setup.
  • Work for a company that can provide you with healthcare options that keep you in compliance with the law.
ACA compliant
Weekly Pay

Get Paid 52 Times Every Year

A quick pay-cycle means that you get money more often. Simple, yet important when you need access to weekly cash. This pay schedule can be the difference between getting to work that week and missing out on the opportunity. 

  • See your hard-earned cash come in more often.
  • Be free to pay bills or simply save more frequently!
  • Stop living month to month.

Our staff will brighten your day.

Our staff is great at making you feel welcome and will place you in a job you'll enjoy. Customer service is key, and we know it.

  • Nothing less than the best comes from our staff.
  • Our employees work hard because they want you to succeed.
  • Supplemental Staffing's motivated staff is here to serve you.
Friendly Staff
Employee Portal

We offer to our employees self-paced software tutorials and other great resources!

If you need something, chances are that it will be on our website or within our Employee Career Portal.

  • You have access to tutorials to help you advance your career or even just learn a program/skill.
  • Resources from 'checklists on how to prep for an interview' all the way to 'increasing your salary' are at your fingertips.

Our Office Locations

Let us help guide you, so that you can get where you are going.

Toledo, Ohio


Welders/Fabricator, Driver, Production Worker, General Labor, Electricians, Forklift Operator

Brownstown, Michigan


Extrusion Operator, Outside Sales, General Labor, Assembly, Installer, Driver

Bowling Green, Ohio


Finishing Operator, Assembly, Forklift Operator, Quality Technician, Cable Production


Learn how to gain relevant experience after being out of the workforce


Hear what people have to say about us.

Thank you for taking the time to interview me in the mock interview activity. The information you gave me on the company was helpful. I look forward to possibly working with your company to find employment.

I have been so frustrated trying to get a position at the University. When I returned home after my interview with you today and saw your message that the University wanted me to start immediately, I really didn’t know what to do! Everyone I’ve talked to said you were the company that could help me and you did. You were very kind and professional to me.

I wanted to thank you for placing me so quickly. I really appreciate it. Today was my first day and everyone was overly friendly and made sure I had everything that I needed. I think this is a wonderful opportunity and look forward to a long and successful career.

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity you gave me. I guess all that job searching, interviews and hard work really paid off. Supplemental staffing has helped me out tremendously over the past 6 months and I would recommend you to anyone who is in search for employment. I appreciate all you’ve done.

Over 12+ Thousand Jobs Filled

More jobs, more opportunities

Here at Supplemental Staffing, we take care of your pay, your benefits, and your job search. With as many companies as we work with, there is no doubt that we should be able to find you a position that you enjoy.

Job's Tips & Guides

Check out some of the great offers we know will help you!

The Ultimate Interview Prep Checklist

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Getting Experience When You Don't Have Any

How do you get a job when every company requires a minimum of 2 years of experience? Find out!

who we are

Our mission is to be a part of a company's future by providing Quality Employment Solutions and to be part of our employee's future by providing a place to learn, grow, and prosper.

Our owners have been on both sides of the table. After working for a staffing firm, they now run one.
So, we know how to help you find your dream career.

Copyright 2019 © Supplemental Staffing

Copyright 2019 © Supplemental Staffing