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Here at Supplemental Staffing, we take care of the employee pay, benefits, and placement.

With as many candidates as we work with, we can find passionate people to fill your open positions.

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24 hour answering

After Hours Support

Our after-hours service is available to you when we aren’t. You get the assistance you need no matter when you call. Day or night, we can receive your basic questions and provide you with the needed information that you are seeking. 

  • Are you only able to make a call after normal business hours?
  • Have an emergency that you need fixed ASAP?
  • Reach us 24/7

We offer healthcare options to our employees which are ACA compliant.

ACA-compliant coverage refers to a major medical health insurance policy that conforms to the regulations set forth in the Affordable Care Act.

  • We offer healthcare options that are affordable and easy to setup.
  • Work for a company that can provide you with healthcare options that keep you in compliance with the law.
ACA compliant
Employee Portal

We offer to our employees self-paced software tutorials and other great resources!

If you need something, chances are that it will be on our website or within our Employee Career Portal.

  • You have access to tutorials to help you advance your career or even just learn a program/skill.
  • Resources from 'checklists on how to prep for an interview' all the way to 'increasing your salary' are at your fingertips.

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Direct Hire Staffing

We can help you screen and hire full time employees, leaving you worry free.

Vendor On-Premise

On site staffing manager to help address the responsibilities of managing contract employees.


Temporary staffing help for anywhere from a day to an indefinite amount of time.


Turn a temp into a full-time employee. We can help make that happen.


We can help you screen and hire full time employees, leaving you worry free.

Outsourced HR

On site staffing manager to help address the responsibilities of managing contract employees.

Long-Term Placement

Temporary staffing help for anywhere from a day to an indefinite amount of time.

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Turn a temp into a full-time employee. We can help make that happen.

Client Testimonials

Hear what people have to say about us.

I am writing this letter to recommend Supplemental Staffing Agency. 


We are a manufacturing plant that deals in healthcare products. Never knowing when we will need extra help, we can always depend on Supplemental Staffing to provide us with excellent temporary workers. Supplemental has always been there for whatever position we need to conduct our business. Their staff are always available to provide us with whatever we need. When we identify the skills we seek, they bring us the right labor the first time.

We recommend Supplemental Staffing for their staffing needs. They are dependable, professional, competitive in pricing, and always there when we need them.

- Healthcare Human Resource Manager

I have used Supplemental staffing for about 2 years or so and could not be happier.

Prior to Supplemental, I used other local employment services to try and find quality employees and did not have any luck. Then I decided to give Supplemental Staffing a try and was very impressed with their ‘desire to please’.  The staff came into our company to get a hand’s on feel for the type of employee that will help our company be successful. That alone showed me that they truly care! I have also called the staff on their personal time (late at night, weekends) to request employees and they jumped right on the request and got the job done.

In my opinion, Supplemental Staffing is a very professional and dedicated staffing company. I have hired most employees sent to us and will continue to use Supplemental until there is no longer any need for staffing! 

- Production Manager

Supplemental Staffing has been an excellent resource for temporary employees. There have been many needs in the past year, and you have risen to fill these needs. The efficient manner utilized by you has exceeded our expectations. We are committed to continuing this partnership.

The quality of the workers provided by Supplemental has been excellent. We are in a growth mode, and it is critical to have a resource for employees. Thanks again for all your hard work. 

- Manufacturing Manager

I would like to convey how pleased we have been with the caliber of temporary employees you have placed within our organization.

As you can imagine, staffing agencies contact me on a daily basis. I have found your staff to be available, professional and do what it takes to get the job done. With three people on my staff handling all the employment issues for a 3500+ employee organization, it is nice to know that we can reach your company to place an order, with a knowledgeable, professional staff, and have temporaries in place oftentimes on short notice.

- Manager, Employment Services

I would like to say what a fine job Supplemental Staffing has done for our company.

We have been using Supplemental for several years and could not find a better staffing service. Your staff is wonderful to work with. I have had several occasions where I have called at the last minute and asked for an order of 5 or 6 people by the next day. Supplemental has always come through and filled our orders.

Thank you.

- HR Administrator

We have been a client of Supplemental Staffing for several years. During that time, we have found them professional, responsive and ever willing to fill our staffing vacancies.

Supplemental has gone out of its way to understand us and provide us with personnel to meet our needs. Our relationship with Supplemental personnel has always been positive. I would recommend them to any business in need of additional personnel.

- VP Operations

I wanted to take a minute to thank the employees of Supplemental Staffing for all the help they provide us. You are always checking with us to make sure our needs are met. You consistently provide us with quality help on a timely basis.

All of the staff at Supplemental are courteous and helpful. Once again, thanks to Supplemental for a job well done.

- Manufacturing Plant Owner

We've been utilizing Supplemental Staffing for over 5 years.

Supplemental Staffing has continued to work diligently to fulfill our staffing needs on a week-by-week basis.

Supplemental Staffing is great to work with and extremely professional. We look forward to our continued business relationship.

- HR International Manager

I wish to express my appreciation for your employee's attendance and energetic efforts during our inclement weather. It provided the foundation for a successful program for our community. I can personally attest to the great work ethic displayed as well as the dedication to uphold our standards of excellence during the tenure of our agreement with us.

The work ethic assuredly proved valuable and was a beneficial asset of Supplemental Staffing.

- Public Works Manager

I just wanted to send out a note about the employee Supplemental Staffing placed with us. He is a delightful young man who has a very good work ethic and positive attitude. He fits in very well with the team and has a good understanding of the importance of what we do here at our company.

- 3rd Shift Supervisor

My husband and I have a small business that has particular needs. We travel to 5 different states on a regular basis, and do environmental work. Due to those demands it is hard to find good loyal people to work for us after several months of being on the road.

With the help of Supplemental Staffing, they were able to find us a great person that is now hired on with us. She likes to travel and is great at her job! They really did a wonderful job at learning our needs and fulfilling a position for us that we all can be happy with for many years to come. Thank you Team at Supplemental! We could not have done it without you!

Thank you again for everything!

- Small Business Owner

We've been in business since 1978!

Our owners have been on both sides of the table. They worked for a staffing firm as well as ran one, so we know just how to help you.

Our Mission

Supplemental Staffing's mission is to be a part of a company's future, by providing Quality Employment Solutions.

Our Vision

We try to be a stepping stone for our employees to find careers from their experience with us.

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Our mission is to be a part of a company's future by providing Quality Employment Solutions and to be part of our employee's future by providing a place to learn, grow, and prosper.

Our owners have been on both sides of the table. After working for a staffing firm, they now run one.
So, we know how to help you find your dream career.

Copyright 2019 © Supplemental Staffing

Copyright 2019 © Supplemental Staffing