• ISO 9001:2000 Certified
  • Women’s Business Enterprise Certification
  • 30+ Years of Industry Experience
  • Certified DFWP
  • Multi-generational Management
  • Family Business of the Year Honoree – University of Toledo’s Center for Family


  • Entrepreneurial & Business Excellence Hall of Fame Honoree
  • President of the Employers Association Board of Directors, and honored with the EA Record Breaking Year in Revenues Plaque.
  • 10 Under 40 winner thru

Internal Staff Trainings:

  • Professional Selling Skills
  • Account Development Skills
  • Dale Carnegie
  • Toastmasters
  • Certified Temporary Specialist
  • Certified Professional Consultant
  • BWC Safety trainings
  • Managing and Financing Independent Business
  • CompTIA Network+
  • OSHA – General Industry Safety & Health
  • Ergonomics

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • American Staffing Association
  • Ohio Staffing Services Association
  • Tempnet
  • Executive Staffing CEOs
  • University of Toledo’s Center for Family Business
  • Employers Association
  • Chamber of Commerce(s)
  • Adopt America
  • Humane Society
  • NW Ohio YMCA/JCC
  • Mobile Meals

Clients We Service:

  • Small family businesses
  • Mid-sized businesses
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Local and state agencies
  • Not-for-profit
  • K-12 Education and Universities

Safety - Safety is a special focus to us as part of our Quality Employment Solutions. We inspect work sites, do on-going education of safety hints, and attend seminars on safety and drug related seminars. We focus on transitional workers (people who have been injured in the workplace), to help them get back to employment through alternative jobs that allow them to be contributors to the business community. Our staff includes an OSHA Industry Safety and Health Certified Manager, a Registered Dietitian for our Wellness Program and an Ergonomics Trained Personnel.

Training - Supplemental Staffing emphasizes continuous training and employ professionals to attain higher productivity for our clients. We assist our clients in making the right staffing decisions by providing pre-screened, qualified candidates that meet our client’s requirements through an excellent computer assisted selection process.

Partnerships - Supplemental Staffing creates long-term partnerships. We draw upon the talents of our internal staff, as well as our national subject matter experts. Our staff is known for their longevity with Supplemental Staffing. Our Corporate Office is housed in our own facility in Toledo, Ohio in a former bank building. Our conference room is used for many community meetings. Our staff goes through over 40 hours of training per year so we can continue to make the best decisions for our clients.

Our Company - Supplemental Staffing is independently owned. We offer flexibility for client specified requests through innovative thinking and attention to detail. We stay involved with our clients. Our clients say we listen better which helps to make the right choices. Our staff is trained to insure that all of your needs are heard, understood, and that the solutions are agreed upon and met. They are held accountable to meet your needs through our policies and procedures, and are audited by the standards of ISO. Our ISO Certification will be the overriding regulatory guideline for each assignment. This Certification requires Supplemental Staffing to inspect all of our procedures through semi-annual internal and external audits and correct any situation that does not meet our highest standards. All of our internal staff are trained and audited on our quality procedures to insure that our clients are receiving a quality service consistently.

Our Image - Regionally, Supplemental Staffing’s name is associated with the image of a successful, innovative and caring company. We know that our success is a direct result of our ability to service our customers’ needs in a manner that offers a measurable difference from other companies in our industry. Our relationship is based off of ‘doing what we say’ for our customers.

Our Clients - Supplemental Staffing opened our doors in 1978. Our experience includes working with large, medium, and small companies, both privately and publicly owned, as well as non-profit, the State of Ohio, City of Bowling Green, City of Toledo and other local governments in NW Ohio. We have clients throughout the United States, as well as overseas. This depth of experience contributes to our overall expertise in understanding government requirements of business and consistently being up to date with all legal requirements in all areas of Human Resources. Our Network Engineer updates our technology software regularly so that we consistently deliver high quality services to our clients today and into the future.

Who We Are - We are a multigenerational business with a long-term strategic plan that incorporates our strong family values and utilizes today’s technology to address business issues. We pride ourselves in not being the traditional Staffing Service – out to make a fast buck. If you watch the news, you’ll see Staffing Services come and go. We have stayed strong in the local community since the mid-80’s. We stand by our commitment to offer our client a quality service for a fair price.