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We've been in business since 1978!

Our owners have been on both sides of the table. They have worked for a staffing firm as well as run one, so we know just how to help you.

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Direct Hire Staffing

We can help you screen and hire full-time employees, leaving you worry-free.

Vendor On-Premise

On site staffing manager to help address the responsibilities of managing contract employees.


Temporary staffing help for anywhere from a day to an indefinite amount of time.


Turn a temp into a full-time employee. We can help make that happen.

Over 12+ Thousand Employees Placed

More candidates, more opportunities

Here at Supplemental Staffing, we take care of the employee pay, their benefits, and their placement. With as many candidates as we work with, there is no doubt that we should be able to find you people for your job.

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American Staffing Association
Lighthouse IT Solutions