Supplemental Staffing Non-Discrimination & Affirmative Action Policy

It is the policy of Supplemental Staffing pursuant to applicable provisions of State and Federal law, to make all decisions regarding recruitment, hiring, promotions, compensation and all other terms and conditions of employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age or ancestry.  It is the policy of Supplemental Staffing pursuant to applicable provisions of State and Federal law, to provide services to the public without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, ancestry or ability to pay.  No person shall be denied services or shall receive disparate treatment in the rendering of services on such basis.  Supplemental Staffing/Imperial will maintain a program of affirmative action in compliance with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended.  This program will be conducted to insure that every effort is made to employ and advance qualified individuals without regard to race, color, national origin, sex or disability.  The procedure for employment discrimination complaints are as follows:

1. Complaints are to be filed in writing.

2. Supplemental Staffing will make every effort to resolve the issue (to the satisfaction) of everyone, or reject the complaint on the basis of a filing determined not to present an issue involving protected class status. 

3. The complainant may consult the Ohio Civil Rights Commission or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission if he/she is not satisfied with the service's final decision.


Throughout this procedure, the complainant and all witnesses are free from any reprisal.   WI 4002

Supplemental Staffing Drug-free Workplace Policy

The purpose of this policy is to set forth procedures to be followed by all employees so that Supplemental Staffing/Imperial is in compliance with the Federal Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 and to ensure that the highest quality of services is delivered to our community.   The use, sale, purchase, manufacture, transfer, possession or being under the influence or alcohol/drugs is prohibited while performing service for Supplemental Staffing or while on Supplemental Staffing premises.  "Alcohol" means any beverage or substance containing alcohol or other legal intoxicant.


"Under the influence" means the employee is affected or impaired by an alcohol or illegal drug or the combination of an illegal drug and alcohol in any detectable manner.

"Drug" is any narcotic, controlled substance, drug or drug-like substance which is (a) not legally obtainable, (b) obtainable but which has not been legally obtained.  The term includes legal drugs (i.e. prescribed maintenance drugs, dosage drugs, and over-the-counter drugs) which are not being used for prescribed purposes.

"Workplace Supplemental Staffing premises" includes all buildings, vehicles when on Supplemental Staffing business, facilities, community sites, etc. at which Supplemental Staffing services are delivered.


As a condition of employment, employees will abide by the terms of this policy.  Employees will review this policy during employee orientation, and receipt of the review will be documented in the personnel file.  Alcohol/drug abuse in the workplace will warrant disciplinary action up to and including termination.  Any employee, who is convicted of any criminal drug violation, will notify his/her supervisor in writing no later than five (5) calendar days after such conviction.  In addition, within five (5) working days of the conviction notice, the executive or designee, will initiate disciplinary action and/or require the employee to participate in an approved assistance and/or drug rehabilitation program.  Reasonable cause testing-Each employee shall be tested when there is reasonable cause to believe the employee is using controlled substances (i.e., observed behavior or involvement in an on-the-job accident or incident).  Supervisors who suspect an individual of using controlled substances shall consult with the appropriate representative for the possible detection of symptoms of controlled substance abuse.  The supervisor shall also obtain approval for testing from employee before obtaining any blood or urine samples from the suspected employee.  Post-accident testing-As soon as possible (but no later than 24 hours) after an accident reportable under relevant government regulations, each employee whose performance either contributed to the accident or who cannot be completely discounted as a contributing factor to the accident may be tested for controlled substances, depending on the circumstances.  Testing procedure-The collection, shipment, chain of custody, and retention procedures for blood and urine samples shall be in accordance with the procedures established by the applicable government agencies.  In addition, all employee records relating to tests for controlled substances shall also be maintained in accordance with government regulations.   WI 4001 

Supplemental Staffing Harassment Policy

Supplemental Staffing is committed to maintaining a workplace free of sexual, racial and other forms of harassment and intimidation.  For purposes of this policy, harassment is defined as unwelcome or unwanted conduct of an offensive nature (whether verbal, visual or physical).  Supervisors need to be alert to any harassment and responsible for maintaining a workplace free of harassment.  Supervisors are responsible for informing employees of the provisions of this policy. Any employee who is harassed can contact the EEO Officer.  Any employee can make an informal or formal complaint to the EEO Officer.  Any employee who has knowledge of harassment should report it to the EEO Officer.  If a supervisor is informed of an incident, the supervisor should call the EEO Officer.  Victims and witnesses are protected from reprisals.  Any employee who has engaged in harassment will be subject to a disciplinary action up to and including discharge.   WI 4003

Supplemental Staffing Theft Policy

All property is to be utilized for Supplemental Staffing business or the client’s business only.  Personal use of the property is considered theft and will not be tolerated.  This includes, but not limited to, copiers, computers, telephones, other equipment, office supplies, and inventory at the client’s locations, and personal phone calls by employees.  Falsifying records will be considered theft of property.  Any time sheet’s, are to be completed using actual work time.  Recording time in excess of time worked is considered theft/fraud.  An employee who violates the terms of this policy shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.  In the instance of theft/fraud, Supplemental Staffing shall consider the seriousness of the employee's violation, whether the violation has a direct and substantial relationship to the employee's position, and the employee's past record of employment in determining what action to take.  Supplemental Staffing reserves the right to prosecute violators of this policy in addition to taking disciplinary action.   WI 4004

Supplemental Staffing Weapons in the Workplace Policy

Supplemental Staffing wants to create a safe working environment for our employees and customers by prohibiting the possession and/or use of weapons in the workplace.  Employees of Supplemental Staffing are its most valuable resource and for that reason, their health and safety is of paramount concern. Supplemental Staffing will not tolerate any weapon possession or use.


Persons subject to the terms of this policy are as follows:

A.   All employees of Supplemental Staffing.

B.   All field employees assigned to perform work for or on behalf of Supplemental Staffing.

C.   All employees of contractors providing services on behalf of Supplemental Staffing.

D.   All applicants for employment with Supplemental Staffing.

E.   All other persons, including visitors, vendors, subcontractors, customers, etc.

F.   This policy applies to all persons, except law enforcement personnel on official business, regardless of whether the person is licensed to carry a weapon.


This policy prohibits possession and/or use of prohibited weapons at any time during working hours, on Company property, in any facility maintained/serviced by Supplemental Staffing, and/or in Company-supplied vehicles, even though such vehicles are not on Supplemental Staffing property. Prohibited weapons include any form of weapon and any form of explosive restricted under local, state or federal regulation. This includes all firearms, illegal knives or other weapons/ordinances as dictated by Ohio Revised Code Section 2923.17. If you have a question about whether an item is covered by this policy, please call the Staffing Manager. You will be held responsible for making sure beforehand that any potentially covered item you possess is not prohibited by this policy. Supplemental Staffing property covered by this policy includes, without limitation, all jobsites, any facility maintained or serviced by Supplemental Staffing/Imperial, and all Company owned or leased buildings. Furthermore, Supplemental Staffing property covered by this policy includes all surrounding areas such as sidewalks, walkways, driveways, and parking lots (whether or not under Supplemental Staffing/Imperial’s ownership or control). Company vehicles are covered by this policy at all times regardless of whether they are on Company property at the time.   WI 4039